We are an independent Baptist church in that we hold no allegiance to any higher convention, denomination, or fellowship. We are completely a self-governing church. We are a Baptist church in doctrine and very biblical in our standards. We believe that God has preserved His Word and has given it to those who speak the English language in the sixty-six books that make up our King James Bible. We believe that the Bible teaches that salvation is attained only by faith through the grace of God procured through the death of His Son, Jesus Christ. We believe that once an individual has accepted this salvation and becomes part of the family of God that He can never lose his place in God's family; thus believing that his destination is sealed by the power of God unto the day of redemption. We believe it is the sacred duty of the church to minister to the spiritual emptiness of the community through the efforts of personal soul winning. Therefore the church should actively speak and preach the truth of the Gospel. We also believe that the church should be actively involved in supporting the work of foreign missions both monetarily as well as in prayer.  This is who we are and a very brief synopsis of what we believe. For more information about our doctrine please see our statement of faith.